Our research focuses on ligand protected atomically designed metal nanoclusters. From the design and synthesis at atomic level of monometallic and bimetallic clusters to the study of their properties (physical-chemical, optical, chiral…) by spectroscopic techniques, inducing new functionalization by ligand exchange reactions, immobilization on oxides,  and their final application mainly in catalytic processes.

One of our main goal is understanding the relation between the cluster properties, the ligand protecting nature and their interaction with surfaces and correlated with their catalytic performance.

The possibility to control atomically metal particles on surfaces and tune their properties open new field for catalytic and surfaces science studies, bridging the gap between model systems and real catalysis.

ClusCAT lab started in 2016 and is part of the research group of Prof. Gunther Rupprechter at the Institute of Materials Chemistry at the Vienna University of Technology.


Noelia has been awarded! The award will be given on September 25th 2019 during the Austrian Chemistry Days at the University of Linz

Clara was awarded for her talk at the Vienna Young Scientist Meeting