Ligand Engineering: Back Cover Feature in Nanoscale

Ligand Engineering with Immobilized Nanoclusters on Surfaces: Ligand Exchange Reactions with Supported Au11(PPh3)7Br3

Vera Truttmann, Christopher Herzig, Ivonne Illes, Andreas Limbeck, Ernst Pittenauer, Michael Stöger-Pollach, Günter Allmaier, Thomas Bürgi, Noelia Barrabés * and Günther Rupprechter Nanoscale 2020, DOI

Au11 nanoclusters immobilized on an alumina surface have shown to be accessible to ligand sphere transformations by thiolates in an aqueous environment. In contrast to the same ligand exchange in solution, the number of metal atoms in the core is preserved. This enables modifications of the nanocluster’s structure and properties even after surface immobilization, e.g. by inducing photoluminescence through binding of fluorescent thiolates.

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