November 2018

Another Award for Vera!!! TU Wien news
The master thesis from Vera has been awarded by the Austrian Chemical Society (Göch)

Welcome, Yukari!!! She is a visiting student from Prof. Y.Negishi Group (Tokyo University of Science).

October 2018

Congratulations to Vera Truttmann!!!
She got the “Diplomarbeitspreise der Stadt Wien 2018

June 2018

The clusCAT team in the VSS2018: Vienna Young Scientist Symposium 2018

May 2018

Prof. Fernando Rey and Prof. Eduardo A. Palomares from ITQ Valencia visited our labs and gave great seminars inside the Foxsi and Solid4Fun program. We were also able to enjoy the Viennese cafe and Heurige!


March 2018

Prof. Yuichi Negishi from Tokyo University of Science visited our labs and gave a great seminar inside the Solid4Fun program. Not only was science, but we could also do some sightseeing and showed him Wien!!!

We welcome our two new members, Alvaro Peinado (Master student) and Jon Ostolaza (internship Amadeus)!

January 2018

We welcome our two new Bachelor Thesis students, Lukas and Dominik!

December 2017

Stephan and Vera had the Master Thesis Exam! Master Finished!! Congratulations!! Good job!

September 2017


Stephan Pollitt got the PCCP award of the best poster presentation at the European Conference on Catalysis (Europacat 2017) in Florence (Italy).

August 2017

Noelia Barrabes co-chair in the ISMPC-17 Conference in Ascona (Switzerland). All the ClusCAT group was involved in the conference that meets the monolayer protected metal cluster community.