Stephan Pollitt

My current fields of research are ligand stabilized mono- and bimetallic nanoclusters in heterogeneous catalysis from the synthesis to the characterization.

Keywords: Heterogeneous Catalysis, Metal Clusters, Surface Science, Solid State Chemistry, Spectroscopy, XAFS, ATR-FTIR, XPS, Powder X-Ray Diffraction, Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction, Residual Stress Measurements, Rietveld Refinement, Crystallite Size Determination (X-Ray).

Master Thesis: Synthesis and characterization of Cox(SR)m and CoxAu25-x(SR)m clusters catalysts


1.Synthesis and Properties of Monolayer-Protected Cox(SC2H4Ph)m Nanoclusters 
S.Pollitt, E.Pittenauer, C.Rameshan, T. Schachinger, Safonova O.V., Truttmann V., Bera A., Allmaier G., Barrabes N., Rupprechter G.
J. Phys. Chem. C (2017) 121(20), 10948-10956 DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.6b12076

2.Structural Investigation of the Ligand Exchange Reaction with Rigid Dithiol on Doped (Pt, Pd) Au25Clusters
A.Sels, G. Salassa, S. Pollitt, C. Guglieri, G. Rupprechter, N. Barrabés*, T. Bürgi* 
Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2017) 121(20), 10919-10926 (invited paper) DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.6b12066

3.Ligand migration from cluster to support: A crucial factor for catalysis by thiolate-protected gold clusters
B. Zhang, A.Sels, G.Salassa, S.Pollitt., V.Truttmann., C.Rameshan., J.Llorca, W.Olszewski, G.Rupprechter, T.Bürgi and N.Barrabés
ChemCatChem (2018) 10, 5372-5376
DOI: ;

4.On the mechanism rapid metal exchange between thiolate-protected gold and gold/silver clusters: a time-resolved in situ XAFS study. 
B. Zhang*,  O.V. Safonova, S. Pollitt, G. Salassa, A.Sels, R.Kazan, Y.Wang, G. Rupprechter, N. Barrabés*, and T. Bürgi, 
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (2018) 20, 5312-5318 DOI:10.1039/C7CP08272J

5.Support effect on the reactivity and stability of Au25(SR)18 and Au144(SR)60 nanoclusters in liquid phase cyclohexane oxidation
C.García, S.Pollitt, M. van der Linden, V.Truttmann, Ch.Rameshan, R. Rameshan, E.Pittenauer, G.Allmaier, P. Kregsamer, M.Stöger-Pollach, N.Barrabés*, G.Rupprechter,
Catalysis Today (2018) in press [OA]DOI:

6.Evaluation of the silver species nature in Ag-zeolites by the CO oxidation reaction
I. López-Hernández , C. García, V. Truttmann, S. Pollitt, N. Barrabés, G. Rupprechter, F. Rey, A. E. Palomares
Catalysis Today(2019) submitted

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PCCP award of the best poster presentation at the European Conference on Catalysis (Europacat 2017) in Florence (Italy)